Save Your School

Our turnkey PERSONALISED online Training system is generating business saving revenues right now!

If You Would Like To Add Another Revenue Stream To Your MA Business, Improve Retention And Keep More Students Paying During This Time Then Watch This...

Save Your School

During these weird times, we know how much you are suffering. Our online training system keeps your students engaged and active and PAYING LONGER!

Done For You

215 Full Length Hi-Definition, Self Defense And Pressure Point Lessons from the Worlds leading Instructor all shot professionally with multiple camera angles and plays on ANY device, from a phone to a 95 inch Smart TV.


The whole site is completely UNBRANDED. This means that you simply upload your own details and everything appears to have been made by you. You can simply announce you have a guest Online Instructor!

Keep EVERY Penny

Whether you choose to charge your students or add it on as an extra benefit for their loyalty during this time, the choice is YOURS. We take absolutely NOTHING from what you charge your students for access. You KEEP 100% of whatever you charge. There are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS whatsoever.

Huge Savings

NO Staff to pay, NO advertising, NO rent, NO electric, NO business rates, NO cleaning, NO mess, NO fuss, NO headaches, NO worries. Just one click and done!

Time for you

You no longer need to be at your School at certain times. Your students can login 24/7 at their leisure, ensuring no student ever misses a class! Leaving you free to enjoy more time with your loved ones.

Have a look

Once you start, the first thing you should do is create your own Group for your School, Gym or Academy.

That way, all your students are in one place – Your School online!

Once done – you are practically a White-Labelled, Personalised site.

What people are saying!

The Pressure Point Self Defense System

The PPSDS is the Self Defense system that has taken the Martial Arts and Self Defense World by storm, immediately upon release.

The effectiveness of the system and the speed at which it can be learnt is unparalleled within the Industry.

My name is Russell Stutely and I have been training people just like you for over 20 Years.

Helping them to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations has become my lifes work.

If you want to make a REAL IMPACT in your local community or even further afield, then you are in the right place.

Together, we will work wonders and have you up and running in no time.

Add Your Students

You can add your students in a couple of clicks.

Or, send them a link en masse to enrol.

It is super simple!

What you receive

Immediate access after sign up.

The Online Course

You and your students will have access to 215 Full Hi-Definition lessons from the Worlds leading Instructor. They are split into 22 Modules for ease of access. You can watch any lesson from any module at any time. The online School is open 24/7!

100 Student Memberships

You will immediately be able to give or charge access to 100 of your Students. If you need more places, simply get in touch and we can arrange that for you in a matter of moments!

No hidden fees

You KEEP EVERY PENNY of what you make. Feel free to charge your students whatever amount you want and how you want. We take NOTHING from whatever you charge. You keep 100% of what you make.

Full support

We are here to help in any way that we can. We are ALWAYS monitoring our systems and ensuring that they are bang up to date. We are continuously improving and adding to the features and benefits of your Agency Membership.

Your FREE Bonus Items

When the Timer hits zero this page will be gone forever and the price will go up.


Bonus 1 - Crazy pricing

We have reduced the initial deposit down from $9997.00 to Only $597.00. Saving you a massive $9400.00.

Bonus 2 - Double the members

You automatically receive 100 Members upon sign up. Our Tech Team will manually add an EXTRA 100 Members for you FREE OF CHARGE. This means you will have 200 ACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS available.

Bonus 3 - PPSDS Paperwork

Almost 400 pages of incredible information. Detailed booklets on self defense avoidance and awareness, pressure point locations, graphics and how to's. INCREDIBLE information.

Bonus 4 - Zoom Integration

This is a GAME CHANGER. You can connect your FREE or Paid Zoom account to your Membership.
This means you can hold LIVE meetings with your students, live training, live gradings - the only limit is your imagination.
PLUS - You can automatically notify all your Students of meetings and / or E mail all of them with ONE CLICK!

Bonus 5 - Personalisation

Your Group can be fully Personalised. This means that everything on the site looks like YOU created it.

Your opportunities

The only limit to what you make and how much you make is your imagination and effort.

We have provided all the infrastructure, software and hardware.

We have done all the tough, hard work required to get this up and running.

You only need allocate places as you see fit.

You can give places way or you can sell them in any fashion that suits; Monthly, Annually, Lifetime or any period that suits.

What one of our Top Schools did, was allocate a place to all of his students immediately.

Then he sent them a group message containing a Paypal Payment link – and boom, within a couple of days he had over 4K USD coming in each and every Month!

A great idea and one we had never thought of.

These are the kind of ideas and “out of the box” thinking that true entrepreneurs like you possess.

We will keep you informed of any other bright ideas like that once you are signed up.

Let's get you started!

Remember: You keep 100% of what you make!

Only $9997 - $597 Down

After your initial deposit it is less than a dollar per month for 100  ACTIVE students!


My Disclaimer:

It is this simple. Not everyone gets the same results. Some people work hard and smart and do very well. Other people do nothing and blame everyone else when things go wrong for them. I make no apology for the FACT that you need to work at this opportunity. If hard work frightens you, then you are not meant to be self-employed.
There are NO refunds or exchanges. Start at your own risk – plain and simple.

Copyright © 2020 Russell Stutely. All Rights Reserved.

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